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Inflatable Travel pillow

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The raised arched neck support keeps your neck straight and your head upright
    Inflates within 60 seconds with a push-button pump (not included)
    Packs down into a small, lightweight packsack with a carabiner clip to attach to luggage
    The support level is adjustable to your individual preference (firm, soft, or in between—it can do it all!)
    The pillow's inflation level can be adjusted WHILE wearing it!
    The luxuriously-soft velvet pillowcase is removable for easy washing
    The Satin-Lined packsack makes it easy to remove and pack away the pillow, struggle-free.

Pillow Dimensions:
Inflated: 11” x 11” x 3.5”
Deflated in Packsack: 3.75” x 6”